“LoNg” WeekEND

today is friday agian! weekend i can’t online as usual. monday dan tuesday i going to attend a training programme by MSC at MSC, cyberjaya. ===> 4 days cant ONLINE!!! =.=” today i juz get the confirm letter from mdc, on monday i gona prepare a short presentation…. help… dun know wat should i present, they suggest sth about company, work and so on.
now is alomost 1720, 40 minutes more going to finish this weekend work. my chief realized my task is difficult if juz assign to me alone… so he design to change abit, that is change the requirement and still i alone work on it, =) thanks chief, much more easier. of coz still hit some problem. at 1st i try to finish it today so that on monday and tuesday he can study and check it for me. but that stupid problem… i declare the valuable already… and still hit the error undeclare identifier.. faint… =/sat, sun, mon, tues… this is the day i can’t online. btw, on 29,30-9 and 1-10 i also will have a training at cameron highland, ^.^ 3 days can’t online but can meet new friends~~! yes!
stop here, wish u have a nice and happy weekend~~!!

Author: 義俊

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