lulala lulala lulalula le

lulala lulala lula lula le
lulalula lulalula le

so long din write my blog. my boss’s son is sitting behind me. and his eye keep on looking at my monitor… =.=””now he went out lunch with his girl girl. usually i have lunch wit him and his girl girl 1, today i told him i wan to go out and then i juz eat ‘myself’ ^.^so i got some time for me to write my blog. hohhoho… this 20,21-10 i ‘off’, got a MSC training at CyberJaya. and then 29,30-9 and 1-10 i go to Cameron Highland, Malaysia for another training ^.^it’s a good day for me to rest, to upgrade myself, YES!!btw, i will going to move again to a new room on 26-9-04.this room is much more cheaper and clean… coz i also juz take it as ‘hotel’ only go back and sleep at night. i seldom stay at my room 1…ok, stop here, c when i can get a chance to type more ^.^

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