yesterday morning i’m very happy because my good friend (also blog friend, Dinasour) call me and send me a greeting. she asked me y i din update my blog for so many days. yes, i’m bz because i’m studying and learning new skills that school that din teach b4 by myself, and next week thurs is the deadline with the prototype…. =.=” erm.. i know i can make it. i MUST make it. coz i promise my chief i can make it ontime. i can’t broke my word! i will rearrange my time. i will always update my blog, may b it’s short or brief.

last night, i attend a healthy seminar. this seminar is talk by a doc and nutri come from china. her journal won a prize from doc association from usa (i dun really remember the name of that association, i’m sori.) she is a very nice and funny person. i learn and understand wat food i should eat, wat should i take it less, wat and how to prevent some illness, how to detect some minor signal come out from our body b4 it become serious. before this, i invite 3 friends come to join, FOC. i send the ticket to them. and ask them come. 3 of them din come. this doesnt matter. coz they may b very bz or got other things to do, they mention b4 their healthy already got some problem, i think this is a good chance for them to understand and can get a guideline on taking k of their health. but… i got a SMS for a friend… she told me this: “… i wont come. if u appreciate our friendship, dun ask me to come to that….” this sms really hurt me, wat had i done..?? becoz i ask her go to a healthy seminar???(i have to mention this: not a product fair, it’s a pure seminar, all natural ways to take k healthy.) a healthy seminar will destroy a friendship??!! who am i? i think in her mind i’m not her friend… not even a normal friend, i’m very sori to her coz i dun know this will make her very unhappy. but it’s really hurt =.=”

ok, this is yesterday. the following is something about last weekend.

31/8 day is our national day (Malaysia). as usual, i wake up at 0800, wash my clothes, then go out find my friend. at noon, i go to another friend’s house, her house got a mini gathering, 6 ppl gather together and chit chat, discuss bout our future. hehehe… i prepare the fried Mihun ~~! ^.^”

30/8 – morning is like a normal working day. i still studing the program. at night i din go out count down at town. evening i go to my friend’s house to prepare things that decorate the seminar until midnight. his house at 6 floors i can see the firework from KLCC and Bintang Walk. it’s was very very beautiful!

28/8 – 29/8 – these two days i go back kajang and find some university-mate that continue their study as master. they also very bz on they research. they asked me y i din continue, i told them i wan to continue in 2 years time. now i wan to settle my finacial problem and gain more experience from this community, learn how to communate wit human, i think this is the main problem for some computer man ^.^on sat, i also join a gathering at my friends house, this is a ‘big’ gathering, bout 12-15 ppl come to visit her. ^.^

27/8 – firday. today i really feel like ‘off’ day. coz 1200 is lunch hour. almost 1300 whole company almost empty! 1400 we drive to Bandar Tasik Selantan KLIA Transit to meet a Hong Kong star, Ekin. he is tall, and very handsome. at night, a cinema at KLCC, my brother was late, i have to wait until my brother come bcoz his ticket is in my pocket. suddenly i saw a line of ppl walk (but move very fast) to the cinema, then suddenly i saw Ekin, he juz pass by me, very near, bout 2 meter ba. i juz smile at him, and he also juz smile at me (hahhahahaha). the movie “6 strong guys” not bad, for me, it’s humour, but it’s meaningful… many ppl told me this not a good movie coz itsnt funny…

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