hi hi, today i use my lunch time to type some words ^.^ usually after i take my lunch, i will juz chat will my colleg, or juz simply walk here and there or call my friends. this fri i think i only work for 4 hours, ^.^ early morning i need to go back campus to settle some stuff (juz me la, my x-coursemate pls dun wori) will start work at 1000. then 1200 lunch time, then 1320 start move to bandar tasik selatan KLIA station until 1600, hohohoh. at night not sure yet ^.^my chief told me to build a prototype wit other programming language 1st, so now i feel more relax coz i got some idea wit other language. thanks chief!btw, yesterday (should b today early morning ^.^) i go find meq meq and chat wit her. heheheh, she so power, not like before at secondary school. ^.^ she is ‘stronger’ now. hohohoho, think next time have to careful when talk to her =p. anyway, it’s very hapi to have a chat session wit meq meq \(^.^)/

Author: 義俊

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