hohohohoo… long time din write my blog already. erm.. a bit bz, coz dun hav any idea for the new task. =.=” yesterday my chief giv me 2 ticket of the “the 6 strong guys” primiere show, thought can ask dinasour go 1, but she busy, i dun know i wan go or not coz i’m not very interest in this movie. think may b i pass to some other ppl that like this movie. last sun midnight that was a ‘heavy’ traffic. the traffic jam is cause by an accident. the car is already move a side but… every car drive very slow and juz to look at that car… =.=”hehehe… yesterday and today feel very sleepy. almost sleep at office, hohoho lucky cheif din know. ^.^ok, it’s time to go home, stop here. ^.^

Author: 義俊

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