=.=” yesterday dun have some free time to type my blog. Haiz… this is working life, wuwuwuwuwu… but lucky i still finish my work in time ^.^ this few days i always chat wit my x-classmate, dinasour~~!! she very bz also, pity her, today she even called by her super to work OT!! Dinasour~~, jia you jia you.
This friday night i may go back to my hometown, IPOH, malaysia. Heheh, i can meet my ‘old’ friend ^.^
i’m dun have time to study how to add pic or midi in this blog, i got some pic and midi wana shared with others, but i dun know how =.=” hopefully i got some free time to find out how. I can only study or use the computer at office, coz i left my computer in hometown. But in working time i only got bout 1 hour for me to do my own things (lunch hour) =.=”
i Hate working life … wuwuuwuwuwuuw

Author: 義俊

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