Monday again~~!!!

today i continue my task -> pseudocode. very hard for me =.=” and today i notice many of my friends are sick. flu, fever or anything. my Dear Friends, Have to take good care oh.
yesterday i went out wit meq meq early morning. we wana meet a guy that we meet a mxx bookstore,(c below) to tell him we dun wan join him. ^.^ hheheh, but we stuck at the road bcoz of the jogathon. i ask meq to tell the person in-charge tat we need to go to hospital, can we push the motor far enough only start motor? then he ask me to turn around ride out the oppisite way. man.. this is an one way road.. 1st time ride motor like this ^.^

today i go back kajang to meet my x-coursemate, and my x-housemate. heheheh.. i juz bought a new mobile phone, need to borrow my x-housemate’s desknote to send some ringtone and pic via the infrared.then at night i go find meq bout tomoro (sunday). then i meet her friend, alice (collect?) hi alice, very nice to meet u=)

Author: 義俊

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