I’m BaCK!

today is wednesday, i rest from last sat until yesterday, 4 days ^.^ and also 4 days can’t online =.=”

i wake up at 0730, my friend called me to take my convo gift coz she can’t attend my convo on last sun. hehehe… i go find her at 1000, and also take 2 ‘pao’ to her, hohohoho… i come back to kl today by bus (1200). but the bus 30 minutes late, >.Monday
today very tired. i have an appointment with 2 friends at 0800, but i wake up at 0750 =p. i goto find them at 0900, show them my new good breakfast ^.^ and chat chat chat, we chat until 1100… i forgot i also have invite another friend go to breakfast at 1000 =p, alamak… this time i really really sorry to her. i’m sori.
at night, i go ‘yam cha’ or supper wit my uncle, hong kong dim sum, ^.^ long time din eat this delicious food le… i ate many this time ^.^

today is my convo, as normal, i over slept again~! i plan to wake up at 0830, but i wake up at 0900, hehehe, lucky my session is on evening 1, hu…..
it’s very ‘boring’ inside the hall (DECTAR, UKM) this is the 1st time i can see so many ppl i never meet before at faculty =p wish all of us hapi ever after ^.^

hohohohhoho… 3 ppl sleep in side my room, a small and very messy room. my mum and dad coming in this evening around 1400. i bring them to petaling street to eat wan tan mee. and then my mum and dad stay at my aunt house. and my bro and sis also move to there. so, tonight i’m alone again in my room ^.^
a bit nervous, hapi and dun know wat mood, may b tomoro is my convo, and can meet many many friend tat already left kl.

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